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Sunday, 10 August 2014

#100happydays 32-34 My Weekend With My Man

Aug 8-10
I took an extra day off to have a long weekend with C. I had a lot of plans for us, but we mostly just ended up relaxing and enjoying our time together. I did get my 100 Happy Days on Instagram, but didn't get the gratitude blog filled out until now. As I write this, he's back at work. So I need to figure out how to enjoy my time without him here.

August 8

Slept in.

Homemade breakfast!

Delicious mid-morning cocktails. (it's allowed on days off)

Netflix day. This is the Evil Dead 2. If you haven't seen it, you have to. Seriously, I was falling off the couch laughing at some parts. Although, I don't think it's a comedy. How could it not be?

Saturday August 9 

We went bed shopping. We found one we both liked. It will get here when C get back from work, and we can go pick it up. Perfect timing.

We ordered wine! It will be ready for us to bottle in 8 weeks.

Delicious meal at OJs on the patio.

C in my glasses.

We went grocery shopping. This is C REORGANISING our basket because I do it wrong. :) Haha.

And we took some silly pictures of me in my new dress and with my hair cut.

 Sunday August 10

Another homemade breakfast. No bacon today though. We actually had homemade breakfast every day of the weekend. We usually go out at least once. This was nice too.
 Taco soup. I made it Saturday, and it cooked in the crockpot overnight. Lots of it. Enough to freeze, and eat for lunches. Also smelled REALLY good at about 5am. This was lunch.

We started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine this weekend. Love it! Laughed A LOT!

Saw this growing outside when I took out the garbage. Looks like there are more to come.
Clint saw it as well, and brought me in a flower when he finished mowing the grass. That man is the best. He didn't need to mow the lawn, but did anyway even though it's his last day. Also... Moose Joose.

 I have A LOT to do this week. The gratitude is it'll keep my focused on something in my empty house until C gets home. I need to clean out the office, and FINALLY go through my containers. I opened one as an example of what is in it... everything. EVERYTHING. It'll be fun. Yes that's Luke Perry. He has no home yet. The office will also become a spare room, so it's pretty important to clean before we get the new bed.

 Land of the living skies. Sunset outside my house.

More tomorrow! :)


"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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