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Thursday, 27 March 2014

March 27th This IS important

This morning wasn't great. Things weren't going my way. I was grumpy, I was running late. I was impatient. This was all before I left my house.

On my way to work, the song, Happy by Pharrell Williams came on the station I was listening to. It cheered me up.

I parked my car, and walked across the bridge to get to work downtown. I sat down and realised I forgot my coffee in my car. Well... I forgot all about the fantastic song I just heard to remind me to be happy. I can't just walk across the bridge. It's a longer walk than needed to get coffee. I don't like the coffee at work. Now I had to drink it. OH MY GOD MY LIFE IS SOOOO ROUGH. Seriously. Drama queen over here.

I logged into Facebook which is pretty much part of my daily work routine that has nothing to do with work.

I saw this:
I'm not sure if you can read that. It's a family I follow on Facebook. I discovered their blog by accident, and was immediately impressed and appreciative of how brave they were. It was inspirational. If you have the time, give it a read from the start. It's about a couple who were both diagnosed with cancer within weeks of each other. It's about the struggle they've had being in and out of hospitals while they had a young daughter at home (she was a baby when they were diagnosed). It's about love, inspiration, and gratitude. At times, it also has anger and confusion. Nathan, the father/husband, recovered and is in remission. His wife fought every day to get better. She passed away yesterday. That's what the screen shot is about. It's sad. It was expected, but it's still heart breaking.

These are the blogs I love. They are real and honest blogs about real things. These people are brave. 

I read another about a young woman going through breast cancer. She was a friend of a friends actually. I can still remember the post from her greatest love, saying she had passed away. I cried. It was a few years ago now, but the story still sticks with me.

I don't know either of the people that wrote the blogs personally. That doesn't stop me from caring and feeling sad about what has happened.

Life is so damn short for too many people. Wasting my day being upset because I forgot my coffee in my car is silly (although, I still wish I had it with me). I need to be thankful every day that I have the chance live the life I do with the people I have. I get to write my novel. I have a job. I have Clint. I have my awesome family and fabulous friends. I am so lucky. I'm lucky every damn day. Every. Damn. Day. Things do get shitty, and I think it's important to sometimes take a moment and have a temper tantrum, or have a cry, but then move on, and see all the good around you.

Sometimes I think this Gratitude blog is tedious, and it's not important I the long run. Days like this remind me that I'm wrong. It is important. (Granted, it could just be a journal, but I'm at my computer all day, it's easier to do it this way.)

So my gratitude for the day? That I'm here.

(also... I'm happy I finally figured out how to post you tube videos without just posting the link.)

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