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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

March 25th Twitter Tweet Tweet

Couple things today:

I've been on Twitter for a while. I recently started using it more in January. I share thoughts and I share blog posts. I'm gaining followers. Slowly but surely. I'm enjoying following other writers, and seeing what they have to say. It feels like a writing community.

Anyway, made it to 100 followers today. Believe me, I know that's not a lot. I've seen how many followers people have, and I don't really know how they get so many. It's not that important right now, but I think it will help if I get published.

Also. I have 1234 pageviews on my other blog (link below). I just like the number. No other reason to be grateful than a great number.

Also: I had fun writing a blog post in Erin's Writing Life. Questions about What goes around Comes around?

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