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Monday, 10 March 2014

March 10th Spring???!!!

I am trying to not get my hopes up about this Spring thing. It's March. It's March in Saskatoon. It's March in Saskatchewan. This would be a VERY early Spring for us.

HOWEVER, it's nice out. It's gorgeous out. Some of the snow is melting. There are mud puddles everywhere (must get rubber boots). The sun is shining. My car is going to be filthy for the next month. Even though it was Monday, I still loved the day. I spent most of it itching to get outside. We're getting one week of this weather (at least!).

Here's a picture of me taking a selfie (because I can!!) outside my car. Somebody caught me and honked on the way by... maybe somebody I knew, or maybe somebody laughing at me? (Or maybe honking at another vehicle). I don't care. See what's missing in that photo? That's right! My jacket!!! That's how nice it was outside. 

The next picture is of a mud puddle. Not a pretty photo, but proof. It's not a bad one. There were worse!

And the last photo is one I have many of. City of Bridges. (The Canadian city of bridges). And Sunshine.

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