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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

March 17: St Paddy's Day

I wore a St Patrick's Day shirt to work.

I went out and had Guinness and food with friends. C, De and Nate. C and I both had St Paddy shirts. We looked great. I'm only posting the beer though. Skipped green, went straight for delicious.

And my name basically means Ireland... so why not celebrate?

Photo: Check. Got the right name.

Even though it was a Monday, and none of us felt like it should be, we went and played a quick (and great) game, and went for a dip in their hot tub.

All in all I've got the gratitude thing like crazy! Wonderful night.

Unfortunately, I'm having some back pain. I was hoping the hot tub would fix it, but it didn't seem to. Hopefully my next gratitude will be because it feels better. I know that wasn't gratitude and is kind of against what the whole blog is about, but my back hurts and it sucks. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow, or I'll be visiting some sort of professional to help me out.

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