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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Throwback Thursday June 5

Okay, I admit it. I like the trending Throwback Thursday. I have awesome things to be grateful for now, and I have awesome things to be grateful for in my past (and will have more in the future).

Like, graduating high school at the end of June, 16 years ago. This picture I'm about to share is on Facebook, and it's the only picture available to me right now in my dress. I'm unpacking boxes still, so the chances of me finding another are unlikely until the weekend. Which means one of my bffs, De, is going to be featured in the second Throwback Thursday in a row. She's lucky. I know. Also, I'm lucky to have been able to hang out with such a great woman for 17 years of my life!

For some reason, the topic of dresses and what we wore to our grads came up today at work, so I checked fb to see if I had one posted, and I found this one. Here's what I'm grateful for: I don't think there will ever be a day when I look back at my Grad dress and think ,"OH MY GOD WHY WOULD I WEAR THAT EVER?" I liked the dress. A lot. I can't quite say the same about my hair style, but that's a trend that will continue in my life. It's unfortunate I was SO skinny back then because it'll never fit me again. (I don't plan on being that skinny again, it's WAY too much work. Although it was no work at all back in my 17 year-old self). 

Also, graduating high school was the beginning of all the rest of my adventures. I didn't love high school, and once I graduated I slowly started coming out of my shell, and learning who I was. (Although, I am still learning and changing). Life has changed a lot, and I have had lots of ups and downs. (Many with De by my side, or at least a phone call away). And on the completely materialistic side: I'm so glad I had a pretty grad dress!

In Non ThrowBack news:

And one update, I started thinking about sharing my gratitude and memories while others in the world are going through such a rough time. It feels like inappropriate timing. I will continue sharing my life gratitude because it helps me, but my heart is heavy right now thinking about what others are dealing with. Thinking of all those in Moncton in such a scary situation, and the families of so many lost ones (The RCMP, and so many others from all over the world).

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Wow Erin you not only are skinny in this photo you are Tiny. Like short. very cute photo

    1. Lol. Thanks. Unfortunately I never got taller! :) I tried though.