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Thursday, 23 October 2014

#100happydays finale post (Part One)

October 23

I finished the 100 happy days with no problem. I wasn't really worried I wouldn't do it, but I'm still glad I tested myself. All in all, it's pretty easy to find something that makes me happy every day. Even if it's a bad day, a nice word from a friend or stranger, a cup of coffee, a text from Clint... it will turn my day around. Finding the little things to appreciate, make the big things all the better.

To finish my 100 Happy Days challenge, I'm going to post the photos and reasons that I put on Instagram. I'm mostly doing this for me. I can't remember half of them, and would like it all in one place. I am going to do 25 per post though because 100 photos is TOO many.

Started July 8th. 

Day 1: Hanging out with K and the boys for lunch. And garlic fries.

Day 2: Good friends and wine.

Day 3: Catching up and gift giving with friends.

Day 4: Fish tacos, Spring Roll on a stick and mojito Lemonade. Street food with my work BFF on a beautiful Day.

Day 5: Saturday spent with my handsome man! Warm day, brunch, summer fling (drink), patios, and a delicious salad I made for supper. 

Day 6:  Clint leaves tonight for work. Grateful for some hand holding and quiet time before he left. Love him.

Day 7: Lunchtime in the sunshine by the river with a great book. #lovesummer

Day 8: Taste of Sask, 2014 Bulgogi from Seoul Korean restaurant, Dumplings from The Asian Bowl, and Saskatoon berry iced tea from Winston's.

Day 9: Taste of Sk. Lunch with my gorgeous friends. I had fried alligator, Cajun crab stuffed mushrooms, and a vanilla bean slush. 

Day 10: Shocking, but food wins again. #tasteofSK14 Deep fried pickles, poutine and French macarons. And the first pic is cool flowers on a school fence.

Day 11: Catching up with this gorgeous gal. And taking advantage of #happyhour at #hudsons. Even if we were too full to move after.

 Day 12. Just finished a massage to help my back and neck. It was the best massage I've ever has. #sunsera

 Day 13: Coffee, breakfast, and a book in bed. Peaceful.

Day 14. Unhealthy, but I can't resist two for one coffee creamer (not pictured). Did my exercises today, got a free spudnut today, AND love my old dress. :)

Day 15 lunchtime reading by the river. I bought it in Newfoundland, and was impressed how well the gift shops stocked Newfoundland authors. Great book so far.

Day 16 One more sleep, and corny texts. <3

Day 17 Trying new things. Infused ice cubes for my water. Started with boiled water, then added #lemon #saskatoonberry and #cucumber mixed in. We'll see how it works!

Day 18. Friday non-patio drinks with coworkers.

Day 19 Breakfast taquitos, my Animal shirt, homemade iced coffee in my starbucks cup and helping Mom and Dad move some heavy things from one house to another... Like the chairs they are sitting in.

Day 20. Every day is happy with this guy. Had a great weekend with him, and now he is heading back to work.

Day 21 Patio lunch with one of my besties.  #hudsons

Day 22 Home sick today. Just me, the monkey named Bulldog. (Won by C at the ex two years ago), and after a lot of sleeping, and a soap I haven't seen in years.

Day 23 #veggiesandfruit My very favourite. Farmers market and grocery store food. Plus a #saskatoonberry #purplegas for good measure. #healthy Very similar to my last happy Wednesday!

Day 24: This pregnancy is going to make me fat!! And I do mean pregnant Alexis... Not me! Plus I can't resist a chocolate milkshake!

Day 25 Where to start? #coffeecubes for my homemade #icedcoffee. Holiday request in for 9 day road trip to Ontario in October, and at 3:47 my #longweekend has begun!!

That's 25 wonderful and happy days. The next are soon to come.


"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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