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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

April 9 Free Food, #amwriting, and old boots

I will admit, I started the day off with a big and black cloud over my head. The black cloud was moving quickly because of the wind. It was colder, I couldn't wear my sandals, and I was tired. Gratitude won again though.

The day did get better.

I had a delicious free lunch with my work bff. Kal Tire was having a customer appreciation so we braved the wind to stop by. Also... I love orange crush.

Even though I couldn't wear my sandals and had to put on stupid boots, I got to wear a pair I had forgotten about. I found them while packing. They're about four to five years old, but a nice change from my others.

Also, #amwriting is trending on Twitter. Which is awesome! I love hashtags on Twitter because I'm able to interact with other writers, and learn more. Lots of resources available.

Last, came home to supper made and ready. C spoils me. (Also needed the wine.) Ignore the mess. Lots of house stuff on the coffee table. I like chaos.

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