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Friday, 18 April 2014

April 17: Scary movies... no funny movies!?

Last night, Clint and I had a night off from everything and watched 'scary' movies. We actually haven't watched a lot of scary movies together. We both have the same reason: because we don't actually get scared.

C chose the movie 1408 with John Cusack. (I'll watch any movie with John Cusack because he reminds me of all the great 90s movies.)

It's adapted from a Stephen King novel about... a writer. (Shocking, right?) C had seen it before, but I've never watched it. He guaranteed me I would be scared. I think we should have taken bets. I jumped once, and it was at the end.

So we moved on to another scary movie that neither of us had watched before. C chose it based on the fact that it was about a monster under the bed. I like to sleep with my feet sticking out from under the blankets, so he figured it would be a true test to see if I can still sleep like that after the movie is over.

We chose a movie called "Under the Bed".  Here's the description: "Two brothers team up to battle a creature under the bed, in what is described as a "suburban nightmare" tale."

Now there's a little kid in the movie, so of course, I was suspicious of the kid. Turns out, he was just a cute kid trying to fight the monster under his bed.

Was I scared? No, but I seriously had the best laugh ever. I also kept imagining these two brothers as Sam and Dean in the past (from Supernatural).

So, no scary movies, but I had a great laugh! Thanks Netflix.

If anybody has any suggestions for ACTUAL scary movies, let me know. Truth be told, I like getting scared, it just doesn't work out like I want. In fact, I went on a date with a guy (before C) to the movie 'Woman in Black' and he jumped the entire way through the movie, while I just kind of sat there trying to figure out why he was jumping, and why he was so skinny.

So gratitude to a good night watching movies with my awesome boyfriend who also didn't jump, and isn't too skinny.

Also we had cake pops at work for my work bff's birthday! Delicious!

This was all yesterday. Today's to come probably tomorrow as well.


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