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Saturday, 26 April 2014

April 26 Writing Workshops and senior meals

I had a nice lazy morning today, and then went off to a writing workshop with a Saskatchewan author (Wes Funk). I'll write more about the actual workshop in my writing blog. (link below).

After the workshop, C and I went to the mall close by our place (also known as an 'old person' mall). We did a bit of shopping and then had a late lunch/early supper. I was teasing C because we fit in so well with the seniors. It was still a good 'date' night, even if at Smitty's.

I also bought a new journal (on sale) and a novel I didn't need. I need to stay out of bookstores, but ... too late now!

Now... writing workshops make me want to write. So I'm going to spend the next two days writing.


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