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Friday, 4 April 2014

April 4th My no tech Friday night

First thing's first. It was nice enough for a dress today, but not quite nice enough to wear the dress with leggings. I kind of hate leggings a lot, and feel like I spend more time pulling them up, then being comfortable. Brings me back to the days of tights when I was a little kid. Also, they look silly with my dress.

I know. That doesn't sound like gratitude, but the warm weather is coming, and when it does, those leggings are going to be put away until winter, and everybody will be forced to look at my bright white legs. The boots will also be gone, and it will be sandals only.

In other news: I will be shutting off my phone and staying off my laptop from 5 until I go to bed (I'll probably check my messages before going to bed, just in case.)

It worked so well last Friday, I think I'll make it a regular thing.

Happy Friday!


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