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Friday 12 September 2014


September 11, 2014

(this is my #100happydays Day 66)

I had a great day from start to finish. I got my first birthday text at 6:17 in the morning, and then two more about ten minutes later from Karen and Denise.

My mom called me on my way to work, and then two minutes after I hung up with her, my dad called me claiming that he would have called first, but Mom hit him with a pillow and stole the phone. They make my day.

I wore a carefully picked birthday outfit. Awesome dress, and my new boots. They worked VERY well together!

I stopped at Starbucks on my walk to work for my birthday coffee and a delicious breakfast. The Starbucks server told me I didn't get a birthday coffee after swiping my card... I just stared at him, and asked, "Why?" I was about to pull the 'It's my birthday!' when he said, "Oh wait, yes you do." 

I went to work, and had a wonderful morning. I'm one of those people that enjoy the birthday attention. I like when people say 'happy birthday' to me, and I like when they break into song singing "Happy Birthday"! (It happened!) It warms my heart. It makes me appreciate where I work, the people I work with, and the friends I've made here.

As always, on my birthday, and the anniversary of 9-11, we had a discussion about where we were 13 years ago. It's good to stop and remember. If anything, it makes me even more grateful for what I have. 

I went for lunch with my friend, Alexis, her baby, and her parents. It was so great! I've never met her parents, but they are just as wonderful as she is. Of course, I got some baby holding in! He's well behaved every time I hang out with him. He's one of those babies that makes you want one. (I can admit it).

The afternoon went pretty quickly. Since it was my birthday and all, I splurged and got myself a diet Dr. Pepper. I don't usually drink pop (other than iced tea at restaurants), so it was a treat. For any of you who don't agree with the diet part of my drink... I've heard it. Leave me to my one pop every few months. 

I walked home - slowly - because those boots... they aren't made for walkin'. I had time to take them off, and relax for a bit with a small glass of wine before going for supper with Denise and Karen.

Supper was great. Great friends, great food, great drinks. We went to a sushi place on Broadway. I was actually more excited about seeing Karen and Denise than I was to celebrate my birthday.

A martini called Hello Kitty. It's like I NEVER have to grow up!
I took a picture of the miso soup and rissota mushroom cakes, but forgot the sushi! I took these pictures for my dad because he asked if I took pictures of my lunch. (I don't even think he was mocking me!)

I LOVE these woman.

Also, my FB wall was covered with nice and wonderful reminders that I have an awesome group of friends and family. This included really nice messages from C's family. 

Like this one from his sister: "Happy Birthday to the most inspiring girl I have never met!!! Meet you soon."

That message made my day. Thank you!

Then I went home, and Karen and I watched an episode (or two) of Parenthood before she went home. That was my very wonderful birthday.

It has extended to Saturday and Sunday (from last Friday, Saturday and Sunday) because my mom and sister are coming in on Saturday, and we are having a girl's day/night. Supper, movie, and shopping. So my birthday isn't quite an entire month of celebrations... just a full week plus a couple of extra days.

That's the story of turning 34. Talk tomorrow. 


"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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