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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

February 5th - Friends

Good things today? Well. It was really cold outside, and I park across a bridge. I work downtown, but park on the East side because there is free parking. It's really not a bad walk at all. Walking to work is usually against the wind, but it's slanting down, so an easier walk. Heading back to the car, while normally a bit better weather, is an uphill walk the entire walk.

I don't mind the walk because I know I need as much exercise as I can get. However because of the temperature out after work, I was very happy to accept a ride across the bridge from a coworker/good friend. 

So two pictures. First is the bridge on a cold day. (not this day). You can see the bridge behind me. That's heading towards downtown.

The second is a screenshot of the temperature. Now I know, -17 isn't actually that cold, but add the wind chill in there, and it is cold. Very cold. My phone doesn't tell me what it 'feels like' with the wind chill. Basically, I'm a big baby today.

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