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Thursday, 13 February 2014

February 12th Food Again

Experimenting with food.

I wanted to try cooking something with beer. For no other reason than to try it out. So I made up my own recipe: Pork (for stewing), mixed beans, mushrooms (pretty much a staple in my house), onions, red pepper, cream of celery soup (not made), Sriracha (I should have used more) and a bit over half of Guinness. Also any spices I felt would be good (rosemary, LOVE Rosemary). I'm writing this down for my own benefit, so I can remember my delicious meal and make it again. I put it all in the Crock Pot and cooked for 9 hours on low. Then we ate it in rice. Although, with the ingredients chopped up a little smaller and a tiny bit more liquid and it could be soup. I think the only really unhealthy ingredient is the creamy soup. (and the beer with gluten ).

Was the perfect meal to come home to after a dreary and snowy day at work. So my daily gratitude goes to beer and crock pots.

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