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Friday, 23 May 2014

May 22 Flat Stanley and FOOD

Flat Stanley was done in a post on my other blog. I was explaining where he came from. I emailed some pictures to a teacher today and she was very happy with our prompt response. The link is below.

Also, when before I left for work this morning, I wrapped some chicken in bacon, and put it in the crock pot with different sauces and mushrooms.

It turned out great. So good! In the midst of packing and getting stressed about moving, it is nice to take a break and just enjoy what I've got. (delicious chicken).

C and I also hung out on a patio, and the weather was gorgeous until we left at around 10pm. The place we are currently living in has people viewing it so they can sell it which means, C and I have a lot of wonderful impromptu dates until we move (next week).

One other thing, I'm not going to worry about blogging on the weekend as much anymore. I can catch up on Mondays or later on Sunday. I think I've got enough going on these next few months, I'm not going to worry if I miss a day or two. This goes for both blogs.


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