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Thursday, 22 May 2014

May 21 Nice Words

I always seem to be a day late at posting lately. This is for my yesterday Gratitude.

First of all, it was a lovely day outside.

Second, I like kind words from people, and I like to return the kind words. I have complaints, but this blog is not ever the place for it, in that case, neither is the Internet or public. I have a great job, and I'm so happy I found the job I love in the city I love. Any complaints are small, and are the types of things I can deal with if I focus on what I'm grateful for instead of the negative.
When the negative does get to me, nice words usually fix it. This is why I'm really happy when I write for people who are gracious and kind.

The email above, is really all I need to completely make my day. Just a 'thank you' makes my day.

Third, I went out for a steak night with C and some of my coworkers last night. I like hanging out with them. I don't do it enough.

OH OH OH! And somebody brought chocolate covered pretzels to work yesterday, and I was in heaven!


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