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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

May 19&20 Days off and Sunshine

May 19

It was May Long, so yesterday was a day off. I didn't do a lot. I didn't blog, I didn't pack, I didn't clean my house during the day. (I did a bit at night). I watched some shows, I read, I cuddled.

It was nice. (Though not all that exciting for any readers I have).

May 20

The sun is back out today.

The high is 18, and the weekend high is even better. Can't complain about that. It rained all day yesterday, but since I hung out inside, it didn't really bother me.

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  1. 11 degrees! Wow. We are spoiled in San Diego, CA. Sunny and 70 degree days; I forget how lucky we San Diegans are. Thanks for your gratitude posts. :)

    1. And that's nice compared to what we've had. It's only getting nicer here though!