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Monday, 27 January 2014

January 27th -Questions and Starbucks

These are all going to be relatively short and sweet.

Two great things today: While I was in the kitchen at work a coworker asked how the editing was going on my novel. Here's why this one question made my day: I've never spoken to her about my novel before. I guess it was just nice knowing that what I write on Facebook or Twitter about my goal is getting noticed, and people are taking my novel writing seriously. I also told her and another coworker what my book was about. I was blushing while talking about it, but still told them. I used to be so shy about the fact that I wanted to be a writer, and wanted to write a book. Now, I want people to know. The more interest in it, the better.

The second is slightly easier. Clint had my car today, so he picked me up from work with a Starbucks. I did ask him if he could pick one up for me, but that's not the point. I didn't have to wait in the cold, or walk to my car and warm it up, and I wouldn't have stopped for a Starbucks. It was a nice end to my work day.

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